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About Us

The Glowing Chakra is a group of spiritual wellness centers, with locations at 2423 W North Ave. Suite 1 and 116 W Hubbard St. Suite 510 in Chicago, IL. It is owned and operated by Brandy Stevens,– who is a natural born clairvoyant Psychic and Spiritual Consultant, who specializes in helping people find balance, inner-peace and unlocking their fullest potential.

Brandy has spent the last 14 years traveling across the United States and Europe mastering her gift and helping people throughout all walks of life with her readings and healings.

For many years, Brandy has studied to help guide others through their spiritual journey, and help them gain the knowledge they need to understand their destiny.

Our Services

Chakra Balancing

A six-day process, requiring multiple sessions: Balances all seven Chakras; also provides an explanation for each individual chakra and teaches you how to maintain a healthy and balanced chakra.

Price: $250

Chakra Healing

Focuses on the healing, repair or realignment of an individual Chakra over the course of a single session.


Price: $75-$150